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Active Safaris Uganda Ltd.

Plot 16/19 Kinyara Building Second street  industrial area P.O. Box 4640  Kampala, Uganda  
 Mob. +256 (0) 777 005917  Tel+256 (0) 702831670
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Name of the company:  Active Uganda Safaris
Registration number: 68381
Date of registration:  6th March 2017

Office: Kampala, Uganda
No of employees: 3
Fleet: 3 vehicles 1 Land cruiser and (2 Minibuses)
Member of     :    Uganda Tourism, Association of Uganda Tour Operators, Uganda Tourism  
Operators, Association for the Promotion of Tourism in Africa, Advancing  
Tourism to Africa
Active Uganda Safaris Ltd  PO BOX 4640 second street industrial area kinyara building   Kampala, Uganda  
Active Uganda Safaris Ltd. (sometimes referred to hereafter as AUS) was founded in 2014 and incoporated in 2017  by a young and professional  entrepreneur, Mr Deus Ntaganda.

He set up a company with the intention to improve the quality of tour operations in Uganda and the region of East Africa. The company began with little resources,  but over the years it has grown and that have seen the company join the ranks of some of the
leading young  tour companies in East Africa.
The  vision  of  Active  Safaris  is  to  develop  an indigenously  owned  tour  company  with  international  partnerships and networks that will operate in the entire East African  Region, which includes Uganda,  Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. AUS seeks to provide first-rate flexible service to its clients and promote the image of  Uganda  as  an  unequalled  tourism  destination  in  the world

The mission of  Active Safaris is to provide first-rate Vacations, tours and guiding services, which promote  Uganda as a leading tourism destination. AUS designs flexible packages that suit the all client’s needs and budget. 

Ready-made packages are offered, though this does not limit the traveller’s choice. Customers can design their  own packages with the personalized assistance of our team.
Care, professionalism and dedication are some of the core values that underpin the business approach of  AUS, AUS has established itself as a strong and reliable company that guarantees quality, consistency and  competitive  prices.  Other  core  values  of  the  company  are  innovation,  flexibility,  quality  customer  service,  community benefit and accessibility.
Active  Safaris tour products and services are featured in the Uganda Tourist Board, which is part of Uganda  Government Tourist Promotion Program. AUS  maintains close contact with the Ugandan Government, UWA and  AUTO in order to guarantee quality service, flexibility and consistency. In addition, the company is at the forefront  of marketing and strives for expanding its international collaborations.
In 2013, Active Safaris Uganda published its own website: www.activeugandasafaris.com, which now receives over 50 visitors worldwide per month and is still growing. As an integral service to its clients, AUS has twelve-hour web  monitoring to ensure enquiries are answered promptly. The website is updated regularly.
Active Uganda Safaris  employs  a  staff  of  3 competent  office  workers, 5 guides  and  drivers.  Self-evidently  all  employees possess high experience and education qualifications. Many different languages are spoken, including  English, Dutch, Swahili and several other local languages, in order to manage clients for optimal satisfaction.  
Being aware of the crucial role a guide plays in our client’s vacation, the company makes high demands on her  employees. Our 5 full time guides have been working for AUS for years and are highly experienced. Many of them  have  an  extensive  knowledge of flora and fauna. The guides attend regular courses of the USGA (Uganda Safari Guides Association)  and are members of the Uganda Bird Guides Club and Uganda Wildlife Conservation Society. Most of them have
also  participated  in  courses  and  projects  in  Kenya,  Tanzania  and Rwanda.
The company owns 1 land cruiser and Two Minibuses. All vehicles are 4WD, well maintained and
provide a pop up roof for game viewing. Due to the challenging condition of the roads, the safari vehicles are
serviced by AUS company mechanics after every trip. For clients convenience we try to limit the number of people
in one vehicle to 5-6 persons, ensuring that everybody has a window seat and luggage can be stored comfortably.  
Cultural tours in Uganda
Uganda features four major traditional kingdoms: Buganda, Toro, Bunyoro and Busoga. These kingdoms provide a  potential market for cultural tourism. Active Uganda Safaris aims at developing this market for cultural tourism as  part  of  national  development  and  nation  building.  
Adventure tours in Uganda
Active Uganda  Safaris  offers  any  type  of  adrenaline-pumping  adventure  which  is  desired  by  customers,  from  mountaineering expeditions on the Rwenzori Mountains , hiking to the top of the falls to gorilla tracking and from wild water rafting on the Nile  to bungee jumping.
Recreation holidays in Uganda
For more relaxing excursions and activities customers can opt to go for a beach tour to Ssese Islands, relax at the  shores of Lake Bunyonyi or enjoy the peace and beauty of the Source of the Nile in Jinja.

Special interest journeys in Uganda
Besides the exquisite safaris, Active Safaris Uganda offers theme packages and special interest tours, like golf tours,  honeymoon packages, tribal tours and homesteads.
Tours in Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania
AUS does not only provide packages in Uganda, but in Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania as well. This will simplify your  contact within East Africa. No more difficulties with different incoming agents for each specific country; Great

Active safaris offers the opportunity to accommodate all tours in the Great Lakes region with one reliable tour  operator!
Other services
We currently offer a comprehensive range of complementary services to support the safari customer, ranging from  airport transfers and hotel bookings to the organization of conferences and exhibitions.
Active  Safaris  Uganda is highly conscious of the necessity to protect the natural environment and valuable cultural  heritage. Therefore we have initiated different projects, trying to maximize the benefits that tourism can bring to  the local communities.

One of these projects is the cooperation with a local family in Nshenyi Village, where guests  can learn more about the culture of the different tribes and interact with the local people.

A visit will support  community based initiatives, varying from the construction of schools to traditional handcrafts and the supply of  clean drinking water.